Thank You for Starting the 1003 Application!

This initial step will pave the way for the buyer, ensuring a streamlined and efficient experience throughout the application.

What Can You Expect Next?

  1. Buyer’s Response: Your buyer will receive an email containing the link to the 1003 application. They’re required to complete this application to provide essential details that form the foundation of the verification process. The link to this application can be found here.

  2. Processing Fee Payment: The buyer is also prompted to pay the processing fee associated with the application. The link to the payment page can be in the email that we just sent you. Just as a reminder, we cannot begin the process until the payment is collected, please help us by following up with your borrower to make sure they have paid.

  3. Document Collection: After the buyer has submitted the 1003 application and the payment, our team will collect and organize all pertinent documents, ensuring clarity and thoroughness.

  4. Loan Review: This stage involves a meticulous review of the collected data and a deep dive into the buyer’s financial status.

  5. Document Delivery: Upon successful review, a comprehensive packet will be compiled and sent to you, the lender. This package provides a clear overview, equipping you with the information you need to make a well-informed decision.

  6. Final Steps: Once all checks are in place and you’re confident with the provided details, the final steps toward completing the transaction can begin. This may involve final agreements, signatures, and other formalities.

Please note, timely communication and prompt actions from both the lender and the buyer will ensure the process remains streamlined and efficient. Our team is here to support and guide at every stage.

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